Saturday, October 13, 2007

07 Predictions review 2

At the end of 2006 I made some predictions about 2007 and earlier in the year I reviewed the progress

Lets see how many have come true so far:

In technology:

1) Several bugs and vulnerabilities will emerge in Windows Vista - see previous review, however the beta testing certainly helped and Microsoft certainly has done a better job than I expected.

2) Firefox and Linux market share will still rise, but by far less this year - see previous review and here and here

3) Apple will released yet another Ipod variant - Iphone/see previous review

4) There will be new "unexpected" problems with the Identity Card scheme/database - aside from them not actually creating a new database, but simply drawing on old ones and the spiralling costs and the function creep and all the problems that NO2ID reports upon daily, the process seems to be rolling ahead - or at least it would be if the Conservative party hadn't declared it would scrap them and use the money for more police. Thank you David Cameron.

In business:

5) Oil prices will rise - yes, see here

6) The house market bubble will continue to grow - see previous review, although actually it is starting to fall back slightly.

7) More businesses will declare themselves eco-friendly and ethical in 2007 - yes, every company is trying to prove its green credentials.

In politics:

8) The Olympics will run over budget - see previous review

9) "Global warming" will get worse - ha. Every secondary school in the England and Wales has been sent a copy of Al Gore's An inconvenient truth - its just a shame how little is actually fact.

10) The Labour party will learn a valuable lesson about integrity - Judging by the recent polls and news stories, I think this is another prediction that has come true.

So, depending on your opinion, between seven to ten of my predictions have come true. Now I must go and consult the crystal ball and find out who will win the football game tonight.
*blurry haze*

Ah perhaps there are some things we are not supposed to know eh?



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