Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Russia's assault on human rights

The developed nations are expected to set an example to the rest of the world on how to operate successful democracies in which people are happy, safe and free. Unfortunately Russia has chosen the path of oppression and is starting to clamp down on civil society. Of course being in the UK I can hardly claim that my state is much better. According to Privacy International, the UK is just as bad as Russia based on its level of surveillance.

What kind of message is this sending? Isn't totalitarianism and Cold War militarism a thing of the past?

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

British political parties: What they say and what they mean

Below is a quick though not necessarily accurate guide to deciphering what political parties actually stand for. Enjoy!

Liberal Democrats
What they say: We'll protest about anything!"
What they mean: "We won't do anything!"

What they say: "The state needs to be richer"
What they mean: "The workers need to be poorer"

What they say: "We want change"
What they mean: "We won't change"

What they say: "We want Britain to be great"
What they mean: "We want the British to be great"

What they say: "We'll challenge Labour"
What they mean: "When our leader isn't in Big Brother we'll criticise Labour"

What they say: "We want independence"
What they mean: "Will England still subsidise us if we are independent?"

Green party:
What they say: "We'll protect the planet"
What they mean: "When the other parties destroy the planet we'll be there to tell you we told you so..."

What they say: "We'll take Britain out of Europe"
What they mean: "We don't understand the EU"