Friday, August 01, 2008

The perils of stopping

For readers who have been looking for updates, do not despair, I am still here but have recently been consumed by several great time-devouring events like losing a lot of data after my CD backup failed after I upgraded my system and discovering several highly addictive games which I was "determined" to get through. *Many hours passed*

Subsequently I've found myself behind in lots of areas. Emails unanswered, blog posts needing writing, friends needing contacting, work needing doing, forms needing filling it and so on. It is no wonder when the British go on holiday they take their phones, laptops, blackberry's and unfinished work - some even phone the office to check all is well. I used to think this was all a sign of people who have been consumed by stress, society and the corporate culture, but unfortunately now I can see how stopping, even for a short time, can really set you back.

Perhaps the real key to a successful break is tying off all the loose ends before you stop. :)