Sunday, March 11, 2007

2007 Predictions review 1

Back in December last year I made some predictions about 2007.

I thought it would be interesting to see how many have come true thus far:

In technology:

1) Several bugs and vulnerabilities will emerge in Windows Vista - Yes - take a look at this article Windows Vista Activation System Cracked Open, however Microsoft's decision to release several beta versions definitely helped keep the system safe.

2) Firefox and Linux market share will still rise, but by far less this year - Yes - take a look at these articles. The first talks about the browser market share and the second talks about how Dell is considering to offer systems preloaded with linux.

3) Apple will release yet another Ipod variant - Sort of - Iphone

4) There will be new "unexpected" problems with the Identity Card scheme/database - not yet - although its been revealed you won't be allowed to travel without one

In business:

5) Oil prices will rise - unclear at the moment

6) The house market bubble will continue to grow - yes - article

7) More businesses will declare themselves eco-friendly and ethical in 2007 - yes article

In politics:

8) The Olympics will run over budget - yes - article

9) "Global warming" will get worse - Yes (of course), but the media view is changing: article. Good thing I put Global Warming in speech marks ;)

10) The Labour party will learn a valuable lesson about integrity - Not yet...but there's still plenty of time...

So in summary five of my predictions have come true outright and the other five are moving in the right direction. I imagine if all the predictions were to come true that would make me some kind of divine figure? hmmm?



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