Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Caesar's Christmas Message

As it is customary in Britain every year for the Queen to deliver a Christmas message to the people, I also have some words of wisdom to share with those who are willing to hear.

2008 has been a very exciting year in many fields including politics, science, astronomy, culture and much more. However as the year draws to an end it is recession fears that seem to be dominating the headlines. There are several causes such as reckless borrowing, lending and spending on the part of banks, governments and the public and of course the economic cycle. However do remember that recessions are not only a normal part of an economy, but useful for keeping the economy lean and trim, but I do understand they cause much pain for people relying on growth and if you are suffering economic hardship then I wish you luck and good fortune in the future.

More than ever however, I view Christmas 2008 and the year ahead to be a chance for healing, communication, new beginnings, kindness and opportunity. What many people forget is that change doesn't come from others, but from yourself. Now is the time to set your direction for the future, be confident and stay true to what really matters.

Happy Yule Ladies and Gentlemen.