Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Fight Against Identity Cards

I would never normally class myself as a human rights campaigner but in recent times the world has grown increasingly apathetic and the people who should be doing something (Liberty, Privacy International, EPIC and so on) have not been successful in getting their message across. That is why I took up this fight. As I researched I discovered there were many people who felt the same way as me and saw that Identity Cards were a massive threat to our liberties and effectively a realisation of "1984".

*Read the letter I sent to the Home Office, Labour Party, various MPs, Journalists and Human Rights groups along with the reply from the Labour Party and the Home Office. (Some of the information is now dated.)

*View the bill

*Read the arguments FOR the bill:
Once there check out the links on the right in the sidebar.

*Read the arguments AGAINST the bill:


Trevor Mendham's anti ID card site

Privacy International

Defy ID

Yahoo anti ID cards group




Liberal Democrats

*Renew your passport

*Make your voice heard. Write a letter, distribute leaflets or just tell others about the scheme.

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