Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tfl to trial speed control devices in cars

According to this bbc video Transport for London is going to fit 20 cars/buses with machines that know the speed limit of all roads within the M25 and display a green smiley face when a driver is under the limit, an orange straight face when the driver is slightly over and a red sad face when the driver is over by more than a few miles per hour.

There is also a "voluntary" mode in which drivers can have the device restrict the maximum speed of the car to the limit.

What do you think about these devices? Another authoritarian measure to enforce unnecessarily slow limits/raise revenue or a legitimate attempt to improve safety?

My opinion is this: when the speed limit is reasonable then it should be respected. However I know of not one speed limit anywhere which has been raised. They are only going down - meaning that there is no reward for safety, only punishment for danger.

Based on this philosophy the end point is that we all get out and walk.

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