Friday, May 15, 2009

A response to Labour's: "Cameron's Conservatives" smear campaign

I am less than impressed with Labour's new smear campaign against David Cameron. Granted Cameron is a spin merchant and he does game the media, but name me one politician elected today who doesn't?

So why is Labour's campaign poor? Take a look at this Labour election broadcast which apparently features real people.

1) It is entirely negative. By contrast Cameron's Party Election Broadcast is fairly positive. It is true that Cameron HQ has created some negative videos, specifically in regard to Gordon Brown and debt however Cameron has not resorted to the personal slurs Labour has - for example when Labour created a billboard ad featuring Hague with Thatcher's hair, Dave the Chameleon or this.. improved version or the whole McBride scandal

2) Comments/ratings are censored/disabled on the YouTube version of Labour's election broadcast, however this site contains some comments, most of which are critical of the video.

3) I think there are some important policy considerations in the video, however the way they are presented prevents anyone from taking them seriously.

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