Sunday, February 08, 2009

Government travel database plans

Civil liberties in the past twelve years or so have faced an unprecedented attack. Technological advances coupled with the decline of liberalism and the rise of a form of we-know-best socialism have led to numerous schemes from road charging to ID cards to the children's database to ISPs storing records of all emails sent and sites visited and so on.

The latest nail in the coffin is an attempt to keep track of the travel patterns of all British citizens for 10 years at the moment (though probably for life with an amendment near the end of the firt 10 year period).

It seems to me through all this that the government is right to want to help us, but wrong in its execution. There is no point in making people safe if they don't have any quality of life and live in fear of breaking one of the numerous new rules that have been passed and having to give up more personal information to the dna database.

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