Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Hunger Site benefits Americans first.

As regular readers will know, I think The Hunger Site is an excellent website. It enables people to click on a link, view some adverts and the revenue generated goes towards charitable causes. It's a brilliant idea. However one of the problems I have with it (and the other charity causes the site operates) is that a large proportion of the donations go towards US poverty - US charities get the money, US children get the books, US animal welfare centres get the financing, US women get breast cancer mammograms. Now obviously poverty anywhere can be a very devastating force, however when I click I want my money to go to those most in need - people starving in Africa and Asia, books to go to schools where there are no resources available, medical help for those who otherwise wouldn't have access.

This is not because I am against Americans getting aid - of course not - I just believe that when a website makes money from people all over the world - the money should be spent on the most pressing global causes first and foremost. Otherwise why shouldn't a percentage go towards British poverty and British charities or our children getting new books? Otherwise surely it is unfair and not charitable after all?

What do you think? Should The Hunger Site be forced to give its money to the most deserving? Is it fair the US gets a proportion of all donations when it is the world's largest economy?

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