Sunday, April 20, 2008

Keep your internet experience fresh

I often find myself just visiting the same ten sites more than any of the others. The BBC news site is a good example of one which I just spend a load of time on, even when the quality is not great. It has become habitual. The same could be said about many people's devotion towards Google. The problem with this approach however is that from a web perspective it threatens the diversity of the internet and also affects users because they are then forced to rely on fewer sources.

So recently I've tried breaking such habits. Yahoo for example (assuming Microsoft doesn't get control of them, is an excellent search engine and Ask often gives a different set of results (useful for research purposes. Clusty is another excellent search service which provides an innovative way of narrowing down results. In regard to news did you know that Aljazaeera runs a pretty comprehensive English website. Nobody is saying its going to be unbiased, but surely it can't hurt to learn a different opinion or get a fresh perspective?

Also of course its important to support bloggers and small scale operators. So try breaking some of your mainstream habits and you might find your web experience becomes a lot more exciting. :)

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