Thursday, April 03, 2008

Horoscopes....which one should I believe?

If your life is anything like mine, external (good) advice could be rather useful and apparently it is available from fortune tellers and astrologers who look to the stars (or the cards) and discover information about you.

My problem is: there are hundreds of sites claiming mystic knowledge, but which service should I believe? One might say I'm due for a love encounter, the other I should back away from new commitments until the planets shift. One might suggest its time for a new career move, the other saying I should be take time before making any hasty decisions.

I think ultimately my dilemma can be summarised by The Simpsons: In one episode Homer opens a fortune cookie saying "you will find happiness with a new love", and then they show the kitchen and the chef says open up the "stick with your wife" barrel.

Maybe I should turn to religion for an answer like Tony Blair suggests. Or would that be shirking my responsibility to take action and make decisions based on rational arguments? I don't know. If anyone has an answer, I'd like to hear about it. ;)



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