Thursday, March 20, 2008

The last day of Winter: time for PC Spring Cleaning

This year Winter has been fairly mild and I'm happy about that. Although the novelty of snow is fun, early mornings when it is freezing and you've got a long journey ahead are definitely not!

So as today is the Vernal equinox and the end of winter, I've compiled a list of "spring cleaning" tasks for all computer users.

1) Do a back-up of any essential data.
2) Patch up your system fully and check to see if there is a new version of your operating system or any key programs you use.
3) Buy yourself a few new games
4) Uninstall one program you rarely use
5) Perform a complete anti-virus scan and anti-spyware scan (using a program like Spybot for windows)
6) Reorganise your folders/bookmarks if things are getting messy.
7) Change your desktop background to something appropriate (See: here, here and here)

A few bonus extras you might like: if your OS permits, change your theme and start-up sound.

Now to prepare for Easter...

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