Monday, December 31, 2007

What's happened to WebCameron?

Over the past few months I've been visiting WebCameron fairly frequently - more so than the other political party websites - because I was impressed with David Cameron's fresh approach to politics. He frequently releases videos and a diary of his activities to engage people in politics and his message.

When the site began he introduced a feature called "Ask David" - which allowed people to ask questions and vote for the questions they most wanted answered. Every few weeks he would then answer the top three. However he stopped doing this because of abuse of the service (interest groups would vote to ensure the same questions kept on reaching the top).

The feature was replaced with a forum, in which David occasionally participated, however he got to choose which posts he responded to and also in order to register and participate you had to provide a lot of personal data, such as your postcode and house number. Despite this it was a revolutionary and positive idea.

Alas in my most recent visit, I've discovered that WebCameron has been merged with the Conservative website and the forum has been removed and now the site has become purely a propaganda outlet.

Hopefully the Conservatives will see the light and restore the forum function soon, but until then I'm going to be visiting WebCameron rejects.



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