Friday, December 21, 2007

Driving madness

How many times over the past few years have I criticised the government for stupidity? Quite often I suspect. However the proposals that you'll face several years in jail/a large fine for using a mobile, phone, sat-nav, or even tuning your radio whilst driving are utterly awful.

As one commenter on The Times website put it: "So let me get this straight, violent crime, breaking and entering, sexual assault... nothing. But use your phone on the motorway 2 years in prison!!!!!!!
Says it all really
Steve, Sunshine Coast, Australia"

If you happen to read this post Steve, please accept the 2007 Unlimited Jargon blog award for talking sense, because you are absolutely right.

This is yet another classic example of a government which completely fails to understand concepts such as "Freedom" (as in the freedom to drive whilst listening to the radio), "Probability" (as in if a million cars are on the road, a few crashes are statistically likely/there is a high probability of accidents) and "Justice" (as in Justice means being fair).

I am highly tempted to write another letter to the transport department about this poor idea and would encourage other readers to do the same if there is any sign these measures are being seriously considered. Hopefully though it will die early and we can get back to living life rather than being fitted with mandatory foam jackets to protect us from it.

Of course if you are a cynic, you might notice that there is a big fine associated with these particular offences, and that the government is constantly increasing its spending commitments... just a thought.

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