Monday, December 31, 2007

Caesar's Christmas and New Year message

As 2007 concludes I would like to take some time to share my thoughts and rants about many things.

Firstly I had a go at rewriting Christmas songs:

Christmas lies,
ID cards and spin,
Chil-dren binge drinking,
With ASBOs and fire,
drugs on the street,
A time for condemning all we see


Its voting time,
There's a need to be afraid,
At voting time we let in prejudice and build up hate

And in their world of plenty, they want more power,
To wrap their claws around the world at voting time.

But say your prayers, to pray for the other ones,
At voting time, its hard to have fun

There's a world outside your window - and its a world of dread and fear
When the only water flowing
Are the tears of the Lib-Dems...


I think you get the idea. Making fun of Christmas is easy - the mass consumption, profiteering, the lie that is Santa Claus (sorry to any children who might be reading) and the onslaught of other phony things.

However I think we should regard Christmas as a special and remarkable occasion. This is because for a precious short period humans all over the world demonstrate virtues like giving, tolerance, kindness and many more. Then a few days later they go back to how they were before, but slightly changed. That's because every year Christmas is a holiday dedicated to innovating in being virtuous, and we can apply what we learn from it in the New Year.

Secondly, looking back on 2007, I see it very much as a year of optimism, hope and change. Humans achieved so much, I think we have lots to be proud about in areas such as science, technology, healthcare, medicine, space exploration, literature and many others.

Well done everyone.

Finally lets turn to the New Year. What is your New Year's Resolution? What are you going to do next year to make 2008 even better than 2007? Whatever you decide, I wish you luck in achieving happiness and spreading virtue.



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