Saturday, October 06, 2007

Brown's strategy

Gordon Brown has taken a surprisingly active role in challenging the Junta in Burma and their abuse on human rights. The UK does have a responsibility to the rest of the world in showing how a democratic government should act and I think this is a positive position for brown to take and may help to restore the credibility of the UK in the eyes of the world following the foreign policy of the Blair government.

Despite this, Brown's actions could be regarded as electioneering and an attempt to prove himself a man of integrity, rather than the man responsible for the economic instability we now face. Over the past few months he has been incredibly active, however has dodged any questions on the date when he will call an election. This is understandable as a strategy because it unsettles the opposition and gives Brown time to think, but if he doesn't make a decision, then he risks appearing indecisive and this will give the media the ammunition it needs to speculate and spin his policies the wrong way.



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