Sunday, August 12, 2007

Unsociable Mobile Phone users

Mobiles have transformed the world. We can socialize from anywhere whether to chat about evening plans or to ask for help when the car breaks down. People can accomplish much more in a shorter space of time.

Yet there is a downside - the fact that I often find myself talking to a person face to face when their mobile goes off. What happens? The person answers the phone and proceeds to have a five minute conversation whilst I am next to them and forced to waste my time as they chat. I find that extremely disrespectful and unsociable, and its not limited to one or two people - everyone seems to think it acceptable.

However when I am with someone and my phone goes off, I politely request to the person on the phone that they call me back or attempt to end the call rapidly (unless there is an emergency). Its a sign of respect to the person I am with.

Therefore my advice is that in future you note the people who continue to have their conversation in your presence and who are prepared to waste your time. These people, without intending to, are telling you exactly what they think of you and you should react accordingly.



At Saturday, 25 June, 2011, Anonymous Joe said...

People have forgotten that the person or people you are with at the time are more important than the person trying to call you on the phone. It's just good manners and respect.

Walking down the street while messing about with a phone is unsociable. The interaction between people in the street is diminishing amongst the younger generations. They prefer to pick and choose who they speak with and therefore become very narrow-minded and take a very selfish view of life. They also lack good manners and common social skills and fail to notice and understand people from outside their little bubble of 'friends'.

They can all get on with it. I prefer to see and hear my surroundings, say "Hello", "please" and "thank you" and just be kind to others.

Sad people.


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