Wednesday, May 02, 2007

University students and the danger of being well-informed

Why go to university? To give your ideas credibility!

Let us suppose for a moment that you believe that war is wonderful and helpful in determining strong races and civilizations.

1) If you just say that in the street or at the pub, nobody will take you seriously. If you've gone to university people will probably respect your opinion more.
2) At university you learn to argue better and sound plausible. This does not necessarily mean your argument is any better than a rival one, only that you can present it better.
3) At university you learn how to support your argument with evidence and justify your conclusions.
4) Free speech means not censoring any ideas, even when they become unrealistic, impractical or unethical.

Thus all people who go to university obtain knowledge and inspiration and learn how to structure their ideas in a presentable way and loosely connect it with other academic works, but this does not necessarily make them intelligent or wise.



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