Thursday, May 31, 2007

The end of Adsense at UJ

Today is momentous. I've decided to remove Adsense from this blog. There are several very good reasons for this:

1) People on the internet just seem to be after money. Have you ever read those sites which have product recommendations or say something like "I will show you how to make money but first you have to send me money". I don't agree with this philosophy. I want UJ to be a not-for-profit blog which raises awareness on important issues and generally entertains :).

2) Adsense is not profitable unless your site is very successful. You'd have more success referring people to Adsense like Problogger does.

3) I try to make UJ a fast loading page which validates. However the Adsense javascript file is very large and slows down access times.



At Friday, 01 June, 2007, Blogger Devo said...

I'm curious -- do people use "overdetermined" in the U.K. as wantonly as here?


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