Thursday, March 29, 2007

Easter soon...

Yes its that time of year and I've compiled some media items I've found interesting from the past few weeks.

There was an interesting program on David Cameron on channel four called "Dispatches: Toff at the top". The basic argument was that contrary to Cameron's public image, he is in fact a Conservative and that he only changed once he became leader. However the term "Conservative" is wide open to different interpretations because whilst Conservatives are often perceived as resistant to change they traditionally reform themselves enough to be re-elected. This therefore suggests that David Cameron is ahead of the party. However there is a problem. If the party is not in tune with the leader at this stage, then will we be able to trust the Conservative manifesto? Is Cameron going to win an election based on liberal ideals and then return to traditional Conservatism?

Either way until Cameron British political parties were consistently moving right. He has shifted the debate back towards the centre ground, something the Labour party should respond to quickly if they want a hope of winning.

In regard to the budget it seemed to me to be fairly standard (taxing individuals more and forcing increased dependence on the welfare state for the poor) although it received lots media attention in the hope that analysts could make a further inference about Gordon Brown.

Iran is starting to try and display its might by capturing the British sailors, but I think it is going to be challenged for the spotlight as Russia, China, India, North Korea and several other emerging nations are also trying to be taken seriously by the west as potential allies or enemies.

Google got support for announcing it will delete elements of its log files after two years. Perhaps someone at Google read my previous post "The search engine I've switched to"? It is certainly a very positive step forwards.

About now the UK Passport and Identity Service is commencing its interviewing of all first time adult passport applicants. That is as long as they aren't on strike. While we are on the subject of Big Brother, the Labour party is now trying to identify and remove any civil servants who disagree with its policies. Another example of the Labour party tyranny of the majority or perhaps this is the tyranny of the minority?

To close a Norwegian has become famous on the internet for skiing down Europe's longest escalator.



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