Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cameron smoked drugs?

I recall a short time back David Cameron being accused of smoking cannabis. It appears now this has been confirmed. As stupid as this might be, I hardly think he is alone in this. Indeed I read a report on drug use in universities ( and apparently 60% of men and 55% of women admit to smoking cannabis at least once. I don't think these are particularly cheerful findings. It seems to me that as usual young people have been manipulated into thinking that taking drugs/smoking is a good way of rebelling and being cool. Obviously this is completely stupid (just have a look at the side effects of crystal meth).

However the real question in regard to David Cameron is whether mistakes people make in their childhood should prevent them from succeeding in later life. My opinion on this is that people should be allowed to make minor mistakes when young and not spend the rest of their lives having to apologise for it.

The person who really deserves to have to apologise is the guy who gave the story to the media in the first place. Making money off the expense of others is hardly ethical. Nonetheless now this information is in the public domain it seems unlikely anyone can accuse the Conservatives of being out of touch with young people. In fact it may even have the positive effect of convincing teenagers that actually it isn't really that cool after all.



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