Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ways to get noticed: do not read this.

Every now and then I try and raise awareness on several important issues, such as Identity cards. However at times like this I hardly get noticed at all. Yet whenever I try to do something privately, everybody notices. Whenever I do something unremarkable and uninteresting (in my opinion) everybody notices. But the moment I try to get people to take note of something and suddenly they've all dissappeared.

Its a strange pattern really and I ponder whether UJ readers have similar experiences? Of course there won't be many readers because I've published this online. Were it the case that my opinions had been "exposed" by the Sun or some other gossip based rag I'm sure it would be far more popular.

Anyway this observation got me thinking and I've come up with some possible strategies:

1) Add "top secret" or "Do not read this" to post titles

2) Write something in a book with the word "diary" on the front and "accidentally" leave it at a bus stop

3) Encrypt all computer text files and wait for the government to read them

4) Make access to this blog denied to all and wait for Google employees to read it

5) Write all personal secrets on a blog and keep anything important secret.

Sadly what all this suggests is that people are more interested in other people's lives and gossip (one of the few areas where people aren't apathetic) than important issues. That's why I say use their nosiness to teach them something. Gossip spreads quickly....



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