Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas is getting closer....

and yet you will not see everybody happy about this. I often feel sympathy when there are lots of happy people everywhere and a few sad people also scattered around.

Here are some of the people who might be sad at Christmas:

1) People who are lonely
2) People who have suffered a recent sad incident
3) People who are poor and can't afford gifts or have to work or are homeless or starving
4) People in third world countries who get no Christmas break
5) People who do not celebrate Christmas but have to endure it

The list is not complete, but I think its enough to show that at Christmas time in our frenzy of buying and celebrations we should reach out to some of the people who are sad and try and make a difference, however small.

All I've done so far is fill up one of those third world shoe boxes.

But to truly help someone doesn't even require you spend any money. Just listening to people and supporting them out can make a difference too.

So go and be there for people. Help them out, be generous (if you can) when giving to charity and ultimately remember that we are all human and all on earth together. Life is hard and we need to look after each other, and if not at Christmas, then when?