Friday, October 13, 2006

What happened to late night television?

We all get them - those nights where no matter what you do you simply cannot sleep. At times like these your options are limited, but watching television is a good way to think about something else.

However when all that is on are news repeats and shows like "The Mint" and "Quiz Call" its time to despair. I have absolutely 0% interest in watching people phoning up at 3am for £50. There are three very good reasons for this:

1) The presenters and show format are appalling.
2) The people who actually phone up are guillible (the odds of winning are low) and/or insomniacs with nothing else to do. When they do get through you can bet they'll say either "ok" or "fine". So thats all you hear over and over.
3) This isn't actually helping me forget I'm not asleep.

So what can you do. Its 3am and your still wide awake? The answer: Go online of course!



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