Thursday, October 12, 2006

Microsoft claims they can defend pcs alone?

Microsoft are making claims that they have changed. They are working with the hacking community a lot more now and claim to have learnt lessons from groups such as mozilla and the various Linux vendors. However they are systematically attempting to control all aspects of PC security. They now have anti-spyware, a firewall package and are working on anti-virus software. They've also locked down a lot more of the Vista operating system (apparently..). I am sceptical. The reasons for this are that I don't think a company like Microsoft is going to devote enough energy into creating a truly secure package because they have too many other interests. They also do not have the real world experience of Symantic or Zone labs and most software by Microsoft is targetted. Also let's not forget how infrequently they patched IE6. So essentially I think their aim to provide complete pc security is fine for beginning home users, but I doubt anybody serious about security will be disabling their own firewall/anti-virus program any time soon...



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