Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Web 2.0: what is it and who owns it?

Like many web users I try and keep informed about the latest developments. One particular term that has been floating around for some time now is Web 2. We are promised great things and companies give us buzz words and their "visions" of a world dependent on them. But essentially Web 2.0 as I see it is simply a natural evolution. If I were to be really cynical, its an attempt for people in the technology industry to look good simply by documenting what has already happened.

However what about the Web 2 conference? Did you notice the only way to get in is by invitation? A fine way to betray the Internet's open model. Yet if we are totally realistic, the internet has grown successful because everybody contributes a little, not because of a few companies. If Google didn't exist do you really think there would be no search engines? If Myspace hadn't emerged do you believe social networking wouldn't have happened. Of course not.

So as far as I can see Web 2.0 is a meaningless term used by technology companies and a few enthusiasts to determine how best they can get money out of us in the future. True innovation will not arrive from these already successful companies, but from new start-ups somewhere in the world...

Who owns "web 2.0"? Legally its O'Reilly. Who actually owns the web? Everybody.

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