Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sexist language?

I do not regard myself in any way as sexist (although I do have a sense of humour). However I find the idea of "sexist language" poltical correctness gone insane.

Now to clarify we are not talking about slanderous words for women or anything like that, but words which contain "man" or some other incomprehensible logic.

An example might be "Mankind". That to me is a perfectly legitimate word. This is because the word "man" features in the spellings of both "man" and "woman". But no, that is sexist. You should be saying "humanity" or "humankind" instead.

How about "man-made"? What else can you say?!? "human-made"? Apparently the correct term is "manufactured" or "synthetic". Even words like "Policeman" and "Fireman" should be replaced with "Police Officer" and "Firefighter".

If you really want a word which is sexist, I think you'll find Feminism fits rather nicely!



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