Thursday, September 28, 2006

The political scene.

I am rather pleased with the current poltiical situation. The Lib-Dems have chosen a poor public speaker for a leader, and the Labour party is in complete chaos as nobody knows how to proceed and the media refuses to let the issue drop. This leaves the Conservatives. Here is their chance to reclaim some ground.

Firstly though, why do I think the Conservatives are the right choice for the country now?

The Labour party constantly refers to the opposition negatively "If David Cameron thinks that a photo shoot of him hugging a husky dog and adopting an oak tree for their emblem could fool the British people into thinking that the Tories have fundamentally changed, he's barking up the wrong tree." It was several years ago however that they performed any socialist action (other than raising taxes and oppressing the population). I think they got behind Blair, never challenged him and as a result he has now aligned the Labour party a long way away from their core voters.

Essentially a vote for the Labour party is no longer a vote for Socialism, but a set of values losely based around Tony Blair's ideas.

The Liberal Democrats typically have some very good and very bad policies and one very poorly thought out policy currently circulating is the one of taxing airlines and fuel and passengers and virtually every other type of transport. If you read my posts on the "UK transport policy" however you (hopefully) will appreciate that this alone is not going to solve any of the problems and will cause significant long-term damage to our economy.

However the Conservatives (thanks largely to David Cameron) have rebranded themselves and are producing very intelligent policies (or at least ideas!) which I feel will really benefit Britain in the long-term. The notion of building a society that places value in principles and happiness sounds very positive.



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