Friday, September 01, 2006

Firefox 2 beta 2 released

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When a new browser beta is released you don't expect that much... normally. This beta however is far from normal.

They've fixed a multitude of bugs, redesigned the theme, improved the search box functionality, improved the performance of feeds and live bookmarks, added a session restore feature like Opera and all these others things.

Alas a few bugs remain. The spell check "add languages" goes to an extension page when Mozilla already have suitable language packs from Thunderbird which could be used instead. To use these in Firefox, simply download your preferred language, extract the contents of the .xpi file using any archiving program, then place the .aff and .dic files into ...Program Files\Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 2\dictionaries

There is no reason I can think of why Mozilla couldn't have already done this for each of the localised builds.

Regardless the update overall is very good and I think it will prove considerably popular with the web community. Download it today for a taste of the future.

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