Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Another one of Ken's bright ideas.

The London Mayor Ken Livingstone is a creature I approach with extreme caution. Although I don't dislike him as profusely as Tony Blair, I am not particularly impressed with his record.

Let me break it down for you:

Tax up, Fares up, Congestion Charge, Racist/Other inappropriate negotiations with the media and other officials, Poor housing policy, Poor road transport policy, Increased surveillance, Poor Olympics organisation and the extortionate costs of hosting it and so on and so on.

There really isn't much positive to say. The only difference I notice because of Ken Livingstone is that every bus, train, tram and so on has a Mayor of London logo on it now and it didn't before. Great. Another few million wasted.

Another thing he is responsible for is the amount of cameras in London. You can no longer move without being logged. Gee thanks Ken.

However many of you may refer to the Oyster card as a positive action of his department - sure, its convenient, but it isn't for the people without one who shortly will have to pay £2 per bus journey. That turns a positive thing into something negative. It also tracks every journey made on it (Of course such information is made available to the police and other departments in the fight against terrorism...).

And most recently he has attempted a deal with Venezuela. Give us oil and we'll send a few advisor's who are ruining London to come and do the same to your country. Just what they need.

Update: I've posted a rather detailed comment at Anyone But Ken on Congestion Charging overall.

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