Saturday, August 19, 2006

Finally Big Brother is over!

In the UK (and I believe in some other countries also) we have a cheap, low grade junk show for sad people called Big Brother. If I sound slightly hostile about the show its because its all channel 4 show. They've got it running on all their channels and even repeat bits of it, as if it wasn't dull enough first time.

The profile of a big brother viewer:

-IQ less than 5 (Every minute watching the show drains a point)
-Potential employee for the ministry of love
-Dead end job/life
-Follow the Big Brother religion (the symbol is a giant eye)
-Are sadists

If you fall into that catergory I will try to awaken you from your oblivious state but it may be difficult. Its a hard ailment to cure:

First take a pen and paper and write down everything you need to do or any ambitions you may have. It should be as detailed as possible.

Second calcuate the amount of hours you've spent watching Big Brother.

Third work out which of the tasks you could have completed in that time.

Fourth cross off any tasks you won't be able to do due to time shortages.

Fifth either a) Go and do some of the things on the list or b) Tear up the list and go and watch tv.

If you are feeling bad now then good! Thanks to Big Brother I missed a week of The Simpsons!



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