Monday, August 21, 2006

Don't forget Bird Flu.

Find the missing word: fire____load
I am rather intrigued as to why the media has gone quiet on Bird Flu. The threat has not gone away and neither should our media. They carry on about Terrorism often enough. For you see Terrorism may kill say tens of thousands per year, but Bird Flu has the potential to kill tens of millions.

Events have been unfolding very rapidly and efforts against the virus are being coordinated by the World Health Organisation WHO have set up a special Bird Flu page. Fortunately in Britain our risk is slightly lower at this stage.

The good news is action is occuring and plans are in place to protect the world and Europe. However I reckon the better off countries will have a better plan than the poorer countries. The bad news is we have a very high global population and a pandemic might be just what the doctor ordered...

Answer: work: firework, workload



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