Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Blogger beta

Today blogger.com has released a new beta version. If you are a blogger however the transition is somewhat frustrating - as they merge the blogger accounts with the Google accounts database (a privacy timebomb?). Despite this several of the new features are good ideas, however you are forced to "upgrade" you template to get access to some of these, so do not be alarmed if the page design changes drastically; blame Blogger.

Update: The upgrade template feature does not allow users to edit the raw html. A rather large oversight I think. Apparently support for that will be coming soon.

Update 2:
A validation check using the new template produced over 650 errors! However editing the new template has grown considerably easier with their more user friendly interface.

The "Labels" feature will only work if you "upgrade" to the new design.

I have decided to keep the current template for now.

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