Thursday, August 17, 2006

BBC poll: Do you trust your laptop battery?

What proportion of the £10.54 per month British license fee goes towards the bbc website?

The glorious BBC provides the world's greatest news service and possible the world's best website too. However whoever posted their latest poll "Do you trust your laptop battery?" is making the BBC look stupid, and that reflects badly on Britain, which reflects badly on me!

The word "trust" is perhaps the part I am most concerned about. Anybody who knows about technology will tell you the best advice is to pray regularly to the computer Gods for no problems tomorrow and trust hardware about as much as an idiot beside a big red button with the words "Do not press".

A better poll such as "Is your laptop battery reliable?" is probably a bit too formal for the BBC so how about a compromise: "Does your laptop battery work well?" Its still is not going to show anything useful but at least there is some sign of intelligent life in there.

So how about a UJ poll "Is this the best blog you've ever been to" a) Yes b) What was the question again?

Answer: 36p from BBC



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