Saturday, July 01, 2006


Here is a selection amusing items from across the internet. Enjoy!

General fun sites:

Comedy Zone
A site that tries to make you smile with jokes, pictures, quotes, trivia and more.

Ebaums World
A site which contains flash clips, videos, soundboards, pictures and so on.

The world's largest flash portal. Check it out.

A growing site with lots of good content. Be sure to check out their flash movies.

A huge list of comics available on the web.

A new Dilbert comic daily and various other fun things such as the "Mission statement generator".

Song parodies:
Cyber Parodies
Features a small selection of amusing song parodies to listen to.

Am I right
Contains hundreds of alternate song lyrics, along with music quotes, jokes and trivia quizzes.

Games sites:
Addicting Games
Has grown in popularity because of its simplicity. A huge list of links to (mostly) good games.

Miniclip really has something for everyone. The games are very user friendly, good looking and fun.

Free Online Games
A good site for games and a lot of other things too.



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